The 10 Best Discounts on Medical Alert Bracelets for Kids 2021

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Food Allergy Bracelets for Kids – Bright, Fun Medical Charm Kit: Yellow Silicone Bracelet, Multiple Food Allergy Charms: Peanut, Nut, Dairy, Egg, Wheat & Epi Pen Charm, Medical Alert Bracelet for Kids
  • SAFETY WITH A SMILE: We believe in Safety First. AllerMates Food Allergy Bracelet is a fun yet functional medical alert bracelets for kids to alert their caretakers about food allergies and health concerns. This medical charm bracelet kit contains an adjustable silicone strap and a set of 6 allergy charms you can attach and customize according to your child’s need.
  • ·6 CHARMING CHARACTERS: Providing safety with a smile. AllerMate’s customizable medic alert bracelet can be personalized based on your child’s allergy. This multiple food allergies cartoon bracelet kit comes with cute, playful character charms: Peanut Allergy Charm, Nut Allergy Charm, Dairy Allergy Charm, Egg Allergy Charm, Wheat Allergy Charm & I Carry an Epi Pen Charm.
  • BRIGHT, SOFT & FUN: Your kid can play and run around all day without worries! This multi charm medical safety bracelet is made of durable, high-grade silicone material with an accessible lock to seal and secure around the wrist. This multiple food allergy bracelet is waterproof, latex and nickel free.
  • AS UNIQUE AS YOUR CHILD: This kit comes with 6 charms & AllerMates has 20 other allergy awareness charms available for purchase. This silicone bracelet is easy to customize and wear. Just insert and position the food allergy charms using the keyholes to secure it. It has an adjustable snap with 3 slots to fit snugly around your child’s wrist.
  • MOM FRIENDLY, KID APPROVED: AllerMates keep kids with food allergies safe by providing awareness in a visual, eye-catching way. AllerMates offer a wide selection of medical accessories for kids and parents. Alert their caretakers of their allergies in a simple way every day with AllerMates. Here to make life safer, easier, and more fun!

Medical Bracelet for Kids Buyers Guide:

A medical identification tag is a small emblem or tag worn as a bracelet, necklace, or on the clothing stating that the person wearing it has an medical condition that might require immediate attention, diabetes, or some kind of allergy like penicillin.

The intention is to alert a paramedic, physician, emergency department or other first aiders of their condition even if the wearer is not conscious enough or old enough to explain the situtation themself. Some people prefer to carry a card in their wallet/purse with the information it.

What Medial Alerts Are Used For

  1. Call for help: For a medical emergency or an intruder in your home, simply press the alarm button on the transmitter or console.
  1. Connect with people who care: Pressing the button transmits the call directly to our emergency response call center. Our trained and certified staff is available 24/7 to assist, assess and send help quickly.
  1. Remain connected until help arrives: Our certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) communicate vital information about your situation to a team of paramedics and remain on the line with you until they arrive.
  2. Help arrives: Every minute is precious. Because of the professionalism of our certified EMTs, the ambulance crew is prepared to take charge of an emergency once they arrive at your home. Monitor Me Medical Alarm Systems will also contact loved ones and caregivers about the emergency call.