The 10 Best Discounts on Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes 2021

Browse the 10 Best Discounts on Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes from well-known microscope manufacturers. All discounts updated in real-time and all Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes, listed here, can be delivered to most popular international destinations.

Wireless Digital Microscope, SKYBASIC 50X-1000X Magnification WiFi USB HD Portable Handheld Pocket Microscopes Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Windows Mac Computer
  • ☁【WiFi & USB Microscope】This is a wireless portable digital microscope with a WIFI hotspot, designed to connect to Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets, and also supports USB to connect to Windows or Mac computers for easy use in different fields.
  • ☁【HD Image & LCD Screen Design】2 million pixel high-resolution images microscope, 1920*1080P high-definition image quality for smartphones, 1280*720P for computers, the larger the screen, the better the view. The unique LCD screen design, in the case of wifi connection and charging, emits blue and green indicators (red light is displayed when the battery is low), clearly knowing the battery status and wifi connection, and the user experience is more high-end.
  • ☁【8 LED Light & Easy to Focus】8 led lights and a soft light design, provide enough light and the best clarity, long-term observation will not hurt the eyes. The 360-degree rotating focus wheel allows you to focus quickly and use it anywhere. Note: The best focal length for microscope imaging is 2-60mm, please rotate the focusing wheel left and right when observing blur.
  • ☁【Take Pictures and Videos】Not just a microscope, you can zoom in and out, but also take photos and videos with one click. It is easy to capture excellent microscopic details, and amazing wonderful moments can be saved in the folder of the device and viewed anytime, anywhere, and it can be very useful in recording the change cycle of the observed object. (Note: The take photo and zoom in and out buttons on the microscope body only apply to the WIFI connection.)
  • ☁【Portable Pocket Microscope】Lightweight and compact, with a cylindrical body design, it can stay upright on flat ground at any time. With a portable bracelet, it is easy to carry around. This is a great option for taking kids outdoors to explore, as a teaching tool, or for anyone interested in learning about skin, hair, plants, insects, jewelry, and coins. Note: This microscope is not a traditional microscope and is not suitable for professional biologists!
Wireless USB Digital Microscope, Handheld HD Fixed Focus Magnifier, Pocket Microscopes with LED Lights, 50x-1000x Magnification Inspection Camera Compatible with IOS Android Phone, MacBook, Windows PC
  • How to use the focus/magnification dial to focus: When you place the scope very close to the object, then as you rotate the wheel, you will adjust the focus and power. First, a lower power will come into focus. Then, if you keep turning the wheel, it will eventually come back into focus at high power. When using the phone app(only for phone use), you can then use the zoom feature to increase the power up to an additional 2x. Keeping the scope steady when focusing or taking a picture.
  • Wifi microscope for mobile use: There is an app (MAX-VIEW) you can download and install on your mobile device (Andriod phone or iPhone) to receive images from the microscope, and it's very easy to use. You will need to set your Wi-Fi on your device to connect to the scope, and once connected, you could snap pictures through it, and even record videos.
  • USB connection for computer: 1. For win 10, 11, you can directly plug into the USB port and search CAMERA in WINDOWS to find it and click on. 2. WIN 7/8, please see the user manual. 3. For MacBooks, please use Macbooks’ bundled software Photo Booth or Quick Time Player directly. 4. Note: Please disable the default laptop camera in Windows! And you have to change your privacy settings for the camera, which needed to be changed to permit access.
  • A funny tool: This scope is a very useful instrument but not suitable for professional serious biologists! This is definitely a very interesting thing for parents, adults, teachers, students, kids, children, collectors, testers, electronics repair folks, and inquisitive folks who are interested in exploring plant skin hair scalp trichomes, and the microscopic world. It is also good for SMD soldering and longer viewing sessions, such as inspecting electronic circuit boards, coins, stamps, etc.
  • 1080P image + 720P video: 2 million pixels, High-definition picture video quality, 1920x1080 picture resolution, and 1280x720 video resolution. 50x+ Zoom, The optics are of very high quality, and the edge-to-edge image sharpness is very consistent. The built-in 8 Dimmable LEDs ensure the image color is clear, bright, and true.
Wireless Digital Microscope, Skybasic 50X-1000X Magnification WiFi Portable Handheld Microscopes with Adjustable Stand HD USB Microscope Camera Compatible with iPhone Android iPad Windows Mac Computer
  • ☁【WiFi & USB Microscope】- This is a wireless handheld digital microscope that has been designed to work with your mobile Android or iOS device(open your device WiFi to connect to the microscope's WiFi hotspot), also compatible with Windows or Mac computers (via USB cable). If the USB cable is unavailable, please tell us for a free replacement.
  • ☁【8 Adjustable LED Light】 - 8 LED lights provide excellent detail and optimal clarity allows the user to digitally images of the 1920x1080 resolution. 1080P HD picture quality for smartphone, 720P for the computer. Note: please remove the plastic protective cover before use!
  • ☁【Taking Photo or Video by One Button】 - Taking an image or video is as simple as tapping the Image/Video button of your device or pressing related APP trigger.The Wifi handheld digital microscope with 2MP HD CMOS sensor them instantly to your phone.
  • ☁【Portable Microscope】- Lightweight and small size are convenient for taking them with you everywhere. Easy to operate, allows you to take it on your trips for children to study plants, minerals, insects, or have fun outdoor activities. This electronic microscope is more of a fixed focus magnifying glass, not a traditional microscope, Not suitable for professional serious biologists!
  • ☁【Great Compatibility】 - The handheld digital zoom microscope magnifier included user-friendly software compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac & software, and tools for multiple purposes.
Plugable USB Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac, Linux (2MP, 250x Magnification)
  • HOBBY FOCUSED - Useful and fun for students, collectors, testers, and anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world. Includes a microscope camera yet cannot be used as a document camera
  • HIGH DEFINITION - 2.0 Megapixels, up to 250x magnification (Note: Final magnification corresponds to monitor size)
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY - Electronic microscope uses a webcam chipset and sensor to support nearly any operating system using standard webcam software. Users with an Oculus Rift may require additional setup
  • INTEGRATED LIGHTING - LED halo light with brightness adjustment control. The microscopes flexible arm stand with observation pad includes graduated marks for easy measurement or use as a handheld microscope
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY - We love our Plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support
Elikliv EDM4 4.3" Coin Microscope, LCD Digital Microscope 1000x, Coin Magnifier with 8 Adjustable LED Lights, PC View, Windows Compatible(Black)
  • 4.3 Inch LCD Display - With 720P HD digital imaging, the LCD screen displays real-time crisp images and good quality videos in full lighted view with 8 LED fill lights. A large screen enhances ergonomics and eliminates eye and neck strain compared with the eyepiece.
  • 50X-1000X Magnification - This allows you to zoom in and see the incredible details of observations at a magnification range from 50X to 1000X. The actual magnification differs due to the screen size, the distance between the camera, and the observations.
  • Microscope-PC View - Supports Windows connection so you can observe on a larger scale. No extra software download is needed, just run the default APPs "Windows Camera" for Windows 10. Does NOT compatible with Mac OS.
  • 8 Adjustable LED Lights - Built-in 8 adjustable LED lights provide sufficient and uniform lighting, you can freely adjust the brightness by rotating the button to ensure that your specimens are clear and bright, and allow you to capture pictures or record videos in the woods and some dark places. Elikliv DM4 microscope will bring you an excellent experience.
  • Widely Used, Great Gift - The digital microscope is very suitable for circuit board inspection, coins, jewelry, and stamps, watch/clock repair, skin detection, kids education inspection, textile industrial, biological observation(not suitable for cells), QC inspection, medical professionals, scientific researchers, enhancing the interactivity between parents and kids, teachers and students.
Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope, Capture Your Discoveries, (44302-C), Grey
  • USB-powered handheld digital microscope.
  • Built-in 2MP digital camera for capturing images and videos.
  • Wide range of magnification for a wide range of uses: 10x - 200x magnification.
  • Image captures up to 1920 X 1080 pixels.
  • Eight adjustable white LED illumination points..MicroCapture Pro Software Included.
TOMLOV DM9 7" LCD Digital Microscope 1200X, 1080P Video Coin Microscope with Metal Stand, 12MP Ultra-Precise Focusing Soldering Microscope, 10 LED Lights, Windows/Mac OS Compatible, with SD Card
  • Tons of Fun and Applications - With easy-to-use operation and wide application from micro soldering, rocks checking to coins/stamps observing, this USB digital microscope is perfect for adults, students, and young learners, enhancing the interactivity between parents and kids, teachers and students.
  • 7 Inch Rotatable FHD Screen - Working together with 12 megapixels ultra precise focusing camera and 1080P high definition imaging, this LCD digital microscope creates high quality images and videos and brings incredible micro world observing experience. The rotatable(90 degrees) screen design improves ergonomics and eliminates eye and neck strain.
  • 50X-1200X Magnification - Allows you to zoom in and see the tiniest details at magnification range from 50X to 1200X in a full lighted view with 10 LED fill lights(plus 2 extra goose illumination). The actual magnification differs due to the screen size, the distance between camera and objects.
  • Hook Up To PC For Larger View - The PC view supports Windows and Mac OS so you can observe in larger scale and facilitate data sharing and analysis. No extra software download needed, just run the default APPs "Windows Camera" for Windows and "Photo Booth" for iMac/MacBook.
  • 32GB SD Card Included - This microscope includes a Micro SD card to save lots of photos and videos(Press the menu button for 3 seconds to switch “Photographing”, “ Video Recording” and “Playback” mode).
Dcorn 10" HDMI LCD Digital Microscope 1500X,Coin Microscope for Adults with 16MP Camera Sensor,Soldering Microscope with LED Lights Touch Control,TV/Windows/Mac Compatible,Gift with Coin Guidebook
  • Large 10-inch display: Compared with the 7-inch screen, Dcorn 10 inch screen provides you with 43% more viewing field of vision. You can realize the effect of multiple people watching at the same time without connecting to a computer. The screen resolution is up to 614k pixels (1024 * 600), and you will see vivid and real pictures clearly. A larger screen will effectively prevent eye fatigue, and you will get a wonderful and comfortable viewing experience.
  • 10-1500X Magnification: Dcorn LCD digital microscope has 16MP camera technology with precise focus, which will bring a clearer picture. Upgraded color and brightness conversion, highly restore the true color of the object, you can observe between 10X and 1500X, you will experience a more realistic and clearer microscopic world.
  • Observe Entire Coins: Dcorn coin microscope for adults is equipped with an extension tube, which increases the height of the bracket so that more coins can enter the field of view. In addition, the sturdy and moderately weighted metal bracket and base can minimize shaking and increase durability. You will view objects more stably and accurately. This is definitely the best gift for coin collectors.
  • HDMI/USB Output for Bigger View: Dcorn HDMI microscope supports connecting to any monitor with HDMI interface or PC , allowing you to get a larger field of view for sharing and discussion. When connected to a monitor, such as TV, it is plug and play. When it is connected to the PC, you only need to run the "camera" in Win10 or the "photo booth" in iMac/MacBook to pair immediately.
  • Support photographing and video recording: Dcron video microscope not only has the function of magnification, but also has the function of taking pictures and videos. You can record 1920*1080 30fps, 1280*720 60fps video and shoot up to 16MP (5376*3024) photos, and save the files to the attached 32GB TF card, so you will not miss every wonderful moment in the observation process.
TOMLOV DM402 Pro 2K Digital Microscope 1200x, 10.1 inch IPS HDMI Microscope with Screen,Bottom Transmitted Light, 24MP LCD Digital Soldering Coin Microscope,10" Stand,PC/TV Compatible,32GB
  • ✅ The First 2K Digital Microscope from Tomlov - Utilizes an UHD sensor,Tomlov DM402 Pro LCD digital microscope boasts more incredibly 2K ultra clear video and captures 24MP vibrant color still images than the 1080P/12MP on the market.With 2K resolution,you can observe and savor clearly details and various subtle movements amazing micro world.
  • ✅ The First HDMI Digital Microscope with 10.1 inch IPS Premium Screen - Tomlov digital microscope adopts an IPS screen, allowing you to enjoy vivid and saturated colors. A full 178° visual angle realizes quality viewing when you share the screen with your family or friends . Even with a long-time experience,the 10.1 inch digital microscope ensures no ghosting ,stuttering or tearing ,which effectively protects your eyes.
  • ✅ The First LCD Digital Microscope with Transmitted LED Light Stage - Except for the LED built-in the camera and 2 side lights, Tomlov DM402 Pro microscope camera utilized the professional bottom LED light,which provides cool, dimmable transmitted light from below the stage for transparent slide specimens. 5 Pcs prepared slides included too , which allows the little scientists to begin exploring the world at once.
  • ✅ Dual HDMI & USB Output for Larger View - Equipped with a USB and mini HDMI port, DM402 Pro lab handheld digital microscope can get connected with any HD monitor and computer. Plug and play, your vision will be extended both on digital microscope screen and TV or computer, refresing your experience of work and study. No drivers are required for the computer, just run the default "Windows Camera" for Windows and "Photo Booth" for iMac/MacBook.
  • ✅ Taller 10 inch Stand,See Entire Coins Easily- Updated from the Tomlov DM401 microscope, this new microscope with hdmi output comes with a longer 10” stand post ,So the max distance between lens and base is extended up to 6.3 inch (double distance comparing with other models).Without installing any extension tube,the entire coin(dime,penny,nickel,quarter,dollar,even the large silver dollar) can be captured in the microscope easily.

Lab Handheld Digital Microscopes Buying Guide:

Most of us have all dealt with microscopes at some point in time, many of us use one in school and then never touch one again for the rest of our lives. Some careers, however, use microscopes every day. Many labs use microscopes to view tiny items such as bacteria, computer parts, or fingerprint ridges. These microscopes are often large and bulky and require a good understanding of how they work. Technology, however, is beginning to be brought into the lab. By combining a digital camera with large magnification lenses, developers have made digital handheld microscopes available to bring labs into the digital age.

These handheld microscopes are lightweight and easy to use. They can be easily transported from place to place and can be hooked up to a computer screen to display what the microscope is seeing. This could also be very useful for classroom settings where a teacher is trying to demonstrate items to look for such as parts of a bacterial microbe. There are a variety of models and price points are available on the market and knowing the features can help you decide which one is best for you.

Lab handheld microscopes are changing the way that labs perform their work. They can help verify information and are very useful in the field. Knowing which models have the features you want is the key to finding the perfect microscope for you.

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