The 10 Best Discounts on 22 Channel UHF Walkie Talkies 2021

Browse the 10 best discounts on 22 Channel UHF Walkie Talkies designed and manufactured by trusted communication device manufactures. All discounts updated in real-time and all 22 Channel UHF Walkie Talkies can be delivered to most popular international destinations.

Walkie Talkies for Adults,Kalisnhon walkie talkies with 22 FRS Channels,walkie Talkie Long Range with Flashlight VOX LCD Display Two Way radios for Cycling Camping Hiking(2 Pack)
  • 【After-sale Warranty】kalisnhon portable frs two-way radios provides unconditional refund within 90 days and lifetime after-sales service. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem in time
  • 【Walkie talkies Function】Kalisnhon walkie talkies have 99 privacy codes, 22 FRS channels, built-in flashlight and LCD display. Walkie talkie has battery saving, channel scanning, and hands-free (VOX) functions, which is convenient for you to free your hands during busy times.
  • 【Built-in Backlit LCD Screen, Speaker & Mic】walkie talkie LCD display shows the battery status, volume level, and current channel number, as well as VOX and transceiver status and sub-audio code. You can also make suggestions and adjustments through the buttons, which is very easy to set.
  • 【Long range Walkie talkies】walkie talkies have a long communication distance,up to 1.5 miles in open areas, and 0.5-1 miles in cities or urban areas. The specific communication distance depends on the environment you are in.(FCC ID:2ASV6-T5A)
  • 【Multi-scene Use】walkie talkies for adults has a clear sound quality, and a tough shell, and it is small and easy to carry, simple and easy to use, very suitable for outdoor travel, hiking, camping, school sports, church restaurants, hotel factories, warehouses, etc.
Obuby Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Gifts Toys with Backlit LCD Flashlight 3 KMs Range Gift Toys for Age 3 up Boy and Girls to Outside , Hiking, Camping
  • Perfect Gift for Children: Walkie talkies gift for 3-12 year old boys, teen girls gifts, kids birthday gifts . Great for both indoor and outdoor activities such as outdoor game, spring outing and summer camping.
  • Perfect Adventure Kids Toys: Situation can be real-time monitoring of children, anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system etc. Stay connecting with your friends and families especially in outdoor activities, the best outdoor toys for toddlers age 9-11 boys and girls.
  • Ergonomic Design: Small and light body allow kids easy to use and it is easy to carry, these will fit comfortably in children's hands with ergonomic design. An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes this toy easy to use for kids.
  • Clear Sound: Our Kids walkie talkies have clear call alert function, crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. Equipped with high Anti-interference function to reduce noise to enhance the fun of parent-child interaction.
  • Easy to Use: Simple push to talk operation, double click to activate a beep single. Broadcast to one or multiple units, ability to use different channels.
MOTOROLA Talkabout T402 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios (2-Pack)
  • With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it’s easy to find an available channel
  • Up to 35-mile communication range, depending on terrain and conditions
  • Weatherproof IP54 rated with built-in flashlight gives you peace of mind during evening adventures, unexpected emergencies, or power outages
  • Keep updated with real-time weather conditions via 11 weather channels with alert feature (including 7 NOAA channels)
  • iVOX/VOX feature permits use of an audio accessory headset for easy hands-free operation

About 22 Channel UHF Walkie Talkies:

We sure have come a long way from two tin cans and a string. Over the years, continuous advances in mobile communications have enabled us to get a lot of things done better and faster. From the first backpack mounted monsters of WWII, mobile communication devices have gotten smaller and handier and eventually evolved to today’s mobile phones that most of us carry in our pockets or purses.

Before these phones came into widespread use however, the most efficient form of mobile communication was the handheld radio or walkie-talkie.  Everyone used them. the military, police, construction workers, airmen, sailors, hobbyists and even children with their toy handhelds. You name it. This device quite literally changed the way we do things by allowing us to communicate over long distances as easily as we would if the other person was right beside us.

Walkie-talkies and mobile phones generally make use of radio frequencies but, as opposed to mobile phones, two-way radios are free to use because they directly connect to each other and do not need to go through a phone company’s equipment. Typically, set two radios on the same frequency and hey presto! A communication channel is opened. These transceivers (a portmanteau of transmitter and receiver), make use of the VHF and UHF frequency bands that each offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. VHF sets generally have greater range, cost less but are subject to a lot of interference. Meanwhile, UHF sets are more costly, have shorter ranges but are not as prone to interference as the VHF sets.


There are a lot of things to consider before you invest in a set so do your homework before you commit. Doing so not only allows you to get exactly what you need, it may save you from buyer’s remorse as well.