The 10 Best Discounts on Outdoor Speaker Wire 2021

Browse the 10 best discounts on Outdoor Speaker Wire designed and manufactured by trusted audio equipment manufacturers. All discounts updated in real-time and all Outdoor Speaker Wire, listed here, can be delivered to most popular international destinations.

14AWG Speaker Wire, GearIT Pro Series 14 AWG Gauge Speaker Wire Cable (100 Feet / 30.48 Meters) Great Use for Home Theater Speakers and Car Speakers Black
  • Preminum Speaker Wire – Use This Gearit Pro Series Speaker Wire Cable That’S Build Quality Stranded Conductors To Build This Professional Grade Speaker Wire Audio Cable
  • Custom Installations – You Can Use This Speaker Wire To Pair With Banana Plugs, Spade Tips, Or Bent Pin Connectors To Connect Your Speakers To Your A/V Receiver Or Amplifier With This Gearit Pro Series Speaker Wire
  • Advantage Of Cca (Copper Clad Aluminum) – Here Are The Facts About Cca Vs Oxygen Free Copper. Cca Wire Offers The Same Signal Frequency And Reliability In Terms Of Corrosion Resistance To Copper Wire. The Advantage Of The Cca Speaker Wire Is Lighter And More Flexible Than Copper Wire. The Cost Of Cca Vs Oxygen Free Copper Is Much Lower And You Can Enjoy The Same Functions And Reliability As Copper Wire Without Paying The Extra Cost For The Installation
  • Highest Quality Material And Tier 1 Manufacture Process - The Cable Is Made Of Cca Copper Clad Aluminum, Ensuring High Fidelity Sound Quality And Providing Maximum'S Conductivity And Durability Without Paying The Additional Cost. The Product Go Through Many States Of Testing To Ensure The Highest Performance And Reliability Of The Products
InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire Cable - White
  • 100ft (30.5m) Speaker Wire
  • 14 Gauge Wire
  • Rugged White Jacket with Black Polarity Stripe
  • Easy Polarity Identification
  • Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor (CCA)
InstallGear 14 Gauge Tinned OFC Heavy Duty Boat Marine Speaker Wire, 50 feet
  • 50-FEET (15.2m) / 14 GAUGE SPEAKER WIRE - The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire. Thicker wire presents less resistance to current flow.
  • TINNED OXYGEN-FREE COPPER (OFC) - Oxygen Free Copper wiring provides a superior electrical conductor to aluminum because it does not expand or contract with heat and can carry a higher current load. This wire has a thin coating of tin over the copper to prevent corrosion.
  • RUGGED PVC JACKET - Allows free, wide and seamless adjustment of the required physical properties of this wire such as flexibility, elasticity, and impact resistance.
  • EASY POLARITY IDENTIFICATION - This single color jacket has a silver stripe on one side to help identify the positive (+) polarity. Making a polarity mistake could be damaging to your audio equipment.
  • HEAVY DUTY JACKET - The jacket on our cable is designed with the installer in mind. The flexibility of this jacket allows for easy routing and has a low memory.
Monoprice Origin Series 14 Gauge AWG 2 Conductor Burial Rated Speaker Wire/Cable - 250ft Gray Outdoor Compatible Water Resistant Jacket with Color Coded 100% Pure Bare Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors
  • Water resistant jacket provides years of outdoor worry free conductivity Burial Rated Speaker Wire
  • 100% pure, bare, oxygen-free copper conductors
  • 2 or 4 color-coded conductors
  • Available in various lengths and gauges
250FT Outdoor UV Protection Rated Professional Speaker Audio Cable 14AWG Direct Burial 14/4 Bulk Spool (250FT, 14/4)
  • 14 AWG - 4 Stranded Conductors.
  • CCA (COPPER CLAD ALUMINUM) – CCA wire offers the same signal frequency and reliability in terms of corrosion resistance to copper wire. The advantage of the CCA speaker wire is lighter and more flexible than copper wire. The cost of CCA vs Oxygen free copper is much lower and you can enjoy the same functions and reliability as copper wire without paying the extra cost for the installation.
  • 14/4 cable rated for outdoor use or direct burial
  • Tough, yet flexible black insulated jacket is market with a stripe on one side for polarity and is marked with FT count for easy installation.
  • 99 Strands 0.16mm conductors provide exceptional performance, sound quality for professional speaker and audio connections
Voltive 10/2 Speaker Wire - 10 AWG/Gauge 2 Conductor - UL Listed in Wall (CL2/CL3) and Outdoor/In Ground (Direct Burial) Rated - Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) - 250 Foot Bulk Cable Pull Box - White
  • 10AWG, 2 CONDUCTORS, WHITE JACKET, 250FT BOX. Premium 10 gauge speaker cable, featuring 105 strand OFC conductors and a super-luxe outer jacket. Built to exacting standards with zero compromises.
  • OXYGEN-FREE COPPER (OFC). Oxygen-free copper conductors result in less signal loss and are more durable than conductors made of copper-clad aluminum (CCA).
  • CL3 + DIRECT BURIAL. Fire safety rated for installation in walls and between floors in Class 2 (CL2) & Class 3 (CL3) circuits in residential low-voltage applications. Direct burial rated for in-ground installation without conduit. UL Listed.
  • SUPERIOR BOX. Patented winding technology & massive payout hole eliminate kinks and tangles. Reinforced handles, super-durable cardboard, & water resistant coating keep the box in one piece.
  • TIME SAVING FEATURES. Quick-strip sleeve & ripcord reduce time spent terminating wire. Jacket printing includes UL information and foot markers which tell you precisely how much wire is left in the box.

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