The 10 Best Discounts on Vintage Guitar Pedals 2021

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Vintage Guitar Pedals Buying Guide:

Sometimes you just want to capture an old type of sound. There’s no denying that each era of music had a very distinct sound. As technology improved, the sound morphed into something completely different. Part of this change was due to the changes in guitar pedals. The sounds that these effects pedals produce vary widely from decade to decade and are distinct. There are “fuzz” pedals which, unsurprisingly, give the tone a fuzzy sort of sound. “Wah-wah” pedals modulate the sound to produce almost a pulsing sound.

As the decades wore on, distortion pedals became a favorite for rock music. All of these vintage type guitar pedals can find a place in modern music, however, finding pedals that can produce these sounds gets harder as time goes on. You can always pick up a true vintage pedal at auction or in specialty shops, but some companies also produced reproduction pedals that are meant to produce that same sort of vintage sound. As it has been mentioned, these pedals come in a variety of styles and you may have to experiment with each pedal to figure out what kind you want to achieve the sound you’re looking for.

Vintage guitar pedals can bring a fresh sound to modern music by recalling the classics of the past. By deciding on what sound you want, you can track down the perfect pedal for your needs.

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