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Wireless Camera Mini Hidden Spy Camera Portable Small Nanny Cam Features with Body Pet HD 1080P Camera, Night Vision and Motion Detection for Home Outdoor Office.
  • Rechargeable Spy Camera - With a Full HD design, this 23mm cube camera is a small and handy tool for taking pictures anywhere. The compact camera can be carried anywhere, or you can place the mini security camera in your home, office, car, corner of your patio, indoors, outdoors, or even in your pocket or collar.
  • Full HD 1080P--The small wireless camera adopts high-quality optical glass, multi-layer coating technology, can take instant photos, and the picture is stable and clear. Using a 1080P sensor, the nanny camera captures over 12 megapixels (4032x3024) and automatically saves.
  • Motion Detection and Looping - This mini spy camera supports 1080P and 720P formats and can be used while charging. Outdoor cameras can intelligently detect motion and save it immediately, stopping when no motion is detected. Camera looping is supported.
  • Night Vision Technology - The surveillance camera has 6 built-in IR LED lights to capture more details and present HD images over a wider range at night or in low light conditions. The lights are invisible to the human eye and never flicker, but they show clearly.
  • Fast plug and play and customer service - just insert the SD card, turn it on and choose the boot mode. For easier use of the camera. Any questions about the product, you can always contact us for friendly customer service. Your satisfaction is our goal.
YVOER Wristband Spy Camera , Hidden Camera with HD 1080P, Nanny Cam with Image 2560X1440 Pixel, Spy Camera Hidden Camera, Spy Cam, Mini Small Cameras
  • 【Smart and Simple】The hidden camera operating with vibrating alert,man-machine interaction. Perfect contact.One-click video recording, one-click photo taking. Video files will be saved every 10 minutes automatically.
  • 【No Wifi No App】The spy camera need't wifi, needn't App. It is very suitable for the environment without network.You can take it to any outdoor place without any network restrictions. All recorded videos are saved in the micro SD card(NOTE: SD card not include,and the card requires EXFAT format), Connect to a computer with a data cable or the card reader to review videos.
  • 【HD videos and image】The spy camera records 1080P HD videos with 30FPS, and taking photos 2560*1440 Pixel. Please copy the videos to the computer to play, This way the video will not be stuttered. And use a player that supports AVI format, otherwise there may be black screen ,no images display.
  • 【Small and hidden】This bracelet camera looks like a bracelet watch , wear it on the hand bowl, no one will notice that it is a hidden camera. This nanny cam does not have any indicator light during recording. The hidden cam can be used in any scene without being found.
  • 【Beautiful appearance】This spy camera hidden camera with the appearance of piano paint, which is not only a high-definition camera, but also a very fashionable decoration.
Spy Camera Hidden Camera Spy Pen Nanny Cam Full HD 1080P with 64GB Pen Camera [ Loop Video or Picture Taking] for Meeting of Room Portable Mini Spy Cam Pen Hidden Secret Camera for Spy Camera Pen
  • 2mm Hidden lens, inspired by Paris, it is equipped with a 1080p hidden camera to easily keep track of the beauty.
  • 30FPS 1080p, photo, camera, motion detection, writing, hidden camera pen functions easily meet daily needs.
  • Storage expandable hidden camera pen, compatible with 4-128G Crad, (Comes with 64G)
  • 70 minutes working time, spy camera pen with card reader and cable, data access compatible with PC and MAC.
  • Hidden camera pen Provide 5 replacement ink refill, If you have any question, please do not hesitate to tell me.
Mini Spy Camera WiFi Wireless Hidden Cameras for Home Security Surveillance with Video 1080P Small Portable Nanny Cam with Phone App, Motion Detection, Night Vision for Indoor Outdoor Small Camera
  • 📷【Lightweight & Compact Mini Camera】Spy camera Diameter 1.5 inch, Height: 0.65 inch, Weight: only 0.7 ounces. It can be easily disguised in any home or business setting. The lightweight and portable camera can be carried and installed easily.
  • 📷【Excellent Performance】①Remote monitoring by APP (Need 2.4G WiFi), remotely viewing anywhere ②HD 1080P ③Support SD card up to 128GB (not included) ④1.5 hours built-in battery life ⑤Automatic night vision (non-luminance) ⑥Motion Activated Alarm ⑦Free APP for Android /iOS ⑧It is normal for the camera becoming hot during working, please rest assured to use it.
  • 📷【Humanize APP】A spy camera with video can be connected in simply 2 steps ①Download the app ②Bind the camera. You can complete the camera configuration and operate it effortlessly. When the camera is connected to WiFi, you can view live video on the App from anywhere in the world. 【Mulipurpose & Versatile】 One camera can support multiple users (up to 10) and one app can support multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • 📷【Night Vision & Motion Detection Alert】1080p HD image and infrared night vision provides crystal clear videos and recordings. Even if the spy camera is in the dark, it will detect and record any movement, and sends a push notification to your phone simultaneously.
  • 📷【Multifunctional Mini Cam】Our portable wireless mini camera easily monitors your home, hotel, office, etc. The package comes with a rotatable magnet bracket that perfectly integrated with the camera so you can place the camera on any surface. 【Prompt Customer Support】If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via message or email.
GooSpy Spy Camera Module Wireless Hidden Camera WiFi Mini Cam HD 1080P DIY Tiny Cams Small Nanny Cameras Home Security Live Streaming Through Android/iOS App Motion Detection Alerts
  • 【WiFi Hidden Camera】This mini spy camera is equipped with HD mini lens, totally hidden and easy for DIY needs. This wireless hidden camera can monitor your home or office as a security camera. Nobody can notice this excellent tiny security cam.
  • 【Record Videos to SD Card without Wi-Fi】This spy camera wifi has a built-in battery, it can work last 50 minutes by battery powered. Only insert a Micro SD Card(Not Included) into this mini spy camera, next turn it on, next the mini hidden camera will auto continuously record videos to SD card.
  • 【Remotely View Live Video via App】You can remotely view live videos through app after you make the mini spy cam connect to Wi-Fi network. You can also playback, download or delete video files of Micro SD card through app.
  • 【Motion Detection Alarm and Record】This mini spy security camera will take a 30s video to Micro SD card and take a photo to app once a motion is detected. At the same time, your phone will get a push notification to remind you.
  • 【18-Month Quality Warranty】We supply money back in 30 days and replacement in 18 months. Please contact us if you have any question about our products.
GooSpy Hidden Camera Charger - WiFi Spy Camera - Full HD 1080P - 140 Degree Wide Angle - Small Nanny Cam - USB Charger Cameras
  • 【Full HD 1080P Spy Camera Charger】The spy camera charger not only charges your digital device, but also can remotely monitor your home through App. This is the first USB Charger Camera that adopts a 140-degree wide-angel lens, which can supply a greater scope of vision view and capture clearer details.
  • 【Remote Access on App】Only connect the hidden camera charger to a WiFi network, then you can remotely view live video on App. You can know what is happening in your house while you’re away. This charger camera is your best choice for home and office security.
  • 【Record Videos to Micro SD Card Without Wi-Fi Network】Insert a Micro SD card into device (NOT INCLUDED), next plug the hidden camera adapter into an outlet, next the hidden spy camera can automatically record videos to SD card. Once the memory card becomes full, the spy security camera will delete the first video file to make room for the latest file.
  • 【Motion Detection Alert & Record】Your phone will receive a push notification and photo once the motion is detected. You can also set motion detection record to Micro SD card. You can directly playback, download and delete recorded videos on App.
  • 【18-Month Quality Warranty】OYESauto We supply money back in 30 days and replacement in 18 months. Please contact us if you have any question about our products.
HD 2K(2560*1440P) Spy Camera Hidden Camera,10000mAh Secret House Camera,Nanny Cam 256GB Spy Camera With Dual-Mode Night Vision-Motion Activated Video Recording-Wireless Charger-120°Wide Angle.
  • 【2K Hidden Camera Charger】The security camera outdoor has a 2K (2560*1440P) professional-grade hidden camera to make your shots sharper. This charge cam supports up to 256GB of storage, allowing you to record longer videos.
  • 【Dual-Mode Night Vision】The biggest feature of the spy camera charger is that it has six hidden F5 infrared lights as auxiliary lights, which, combined with a 2K pro mini spy camera, will make your night vision recording clearer, and the hidden camera wifi has a wide Angle of 120°, which will allow you to record a larger area.
  • 【Motion Detection】The camaras espias ocultas can be switched to motion activated standby. When a moving object is detected, the spy camera charger automatically kicks in and records for five minutes before it goes into standby again.
  • 【Wireless charger】Compared to most no wifi security camera on the market, this mini camera spy comes with a wireless charging feature that allows you to charge a phone that supports a wireless charge without blocking your charger camera view, making it easier to charge and less likely to be seen.
  • 【10000mAh super capacity】The hidden spy camera has a large capacity of 10000mAh and can record longer videos. If you think the charging speed of the wireless charge is not fast enough, you can use the fast charging data cable of the portable camera. You do not need to bring your own data cable, which is more convenient for your travel. If you encounter any problems during the use, please contact us in time, we will reply you within 12 hours.

Spy Cam Buying Guide

There are always times when we wish we could have secretly recorded an event. Sometimes, it’s when we set up the perfect prank on a sibling and want of record of our genius. Other times, it’s to catch a relative in a lie or to prove to them that they do always say a certain phrase. Then there are other occasions where it is a bit more serious. We want to keep an eye on the house when we’re away or we want to see who keeps taking cash or change from the house. Regardless of the reason, spy cams have become a very popular tool.

They come in many different forms from the very James Bond style camera pen to the ever popular nanny cam hidden in a stuffed animal. They even make cameras that look like ordinary objects like a water bottle.

Bring out your inner spy with one of these hidden cameras. Whether you use them for intrigue or for fun, please be aware of the law as well. It is illegal to film someone where they have an expectation of privacy and audio surveillance laws are much tougher. It is also illegal to film or record someone with malicious intent so blackmail is definitely a no-no. Please be aware of all applicable laws in your area before tapping in to your inner Bond.

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