The 10 Best Discounts on Microwave Turntable Motors 2021

Browse the 10 best discounts on Microwave Turntable Motors, manufactured by trusted microwave manufacturers. All discounts updated in real-time and all Microwave Turntable Motors, listed here, can be purchased online and delivered to most popular international destinations.

WPW10466420 Microwave Turntable Motor - Replaces AP6021861, W10210848, PS11755189, W10243962, W10466420
  • ➡️ PART NUMBER WPW10466420: It's a high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers AP6021861, W10210848, 4447267, PS11755189, W10243962, W10466420.
  • ➡️ SIMPLE REPAIR: Keep your wallet happy with something you can fix yourself. Don't be afraid to give DIY repair a try.
  • ➡️ FREE TECH SUPPORT: Our experts are happy to assist you with any kind of questions and problems. Your request will not remain unanswered.
  • ➡️ 365-DAY RETURN POLICY: You are able to return an unwanted product within one year from the date of purchase.

Microwave Turntable Motor Buying Guide:

Did your microwave turntable motor die? Well, luckily this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace the entire unit…unless you want to of course! But if you don’t, there are options to get a new microwave turntable motor that are inexpensive and usually do the trick so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new microwave.

Microwave turntable motors, while not completely necessary (not all microwaves have spinning table you know), do in fact help to cook your food more evenly than those that don’t have them. And they aren’t all that expensive to replace.

And there are a ton of places online that you can order from so you don’t even have to leave your house, before you know it the part will be on your way to your house and your microwave will be fixed!

There are many different microwave oven turntable motor replacement parts out there so be sure you choose the right one before you buy anything. You’ll need to know the make and model of your microwave and possibly even the year that your microwave was built.

A couple of Amazon products are available and cost less than $20. See the product images below to see if either of these will work for you, but don’t dismay if they don’t. There are a ton of other options out there, you just won’t find them on Amazon. You can do a simple search for your product model and name to locate some part stores online, an example would be to type in “sharp microwave turntable motor” or “ge microwave turntable motor”.


So before you go out there and buy a brand new microwave, do some simple searches and find a microwave turntable motor replacement part that will work for you. If your microwave is an older model though, it might be time to upgrade anyway. There are some pretty cool units out now and they don’t cost nearly as much as you think. You can get a new microwave for just over $50 (on upwards into the $200 range), and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you may want to consider a NuWave Oven.

Nuwave ovens are so cool! They cost a little bit more, but they are safer for you and the environment and they cook food fast. It uses safe infrared technology to cook food faster without generating high heat (that’s the nasty stuff normal microwaves trigger that can have ill health affects. It’s an awesome way to cook healthy foods in half the time.

Check it out if you are ready for something new.

Best Discounts on Microwave Turntable Motors