The 10 Best Discounts on Microwave Turntable Motors 2021

Browse the 10 best discounts on Microwave Turntable Motors, manufactured by trusted microwave manufacturers. All discounts updated in real-time and all Microwave Turntable Motors, listed here, can be purchased online and delivered to most popular international destinations.

sunjlka Microwave Turntable Motor Compatible with GE WB26X10038 Replace: 769741, AP2024962, PS237772,AH237772 ,EA237772
  • 【ITEM NUMBER】Microwave Turntable Motor Compatible with GE WB26X10038 Replace: 769741, AP2024962, PS237772,AH237772 ,EA237772
  • 【CONDITION】New,unused, unopened, undamaged item in its packaging.
  • 【PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS】Installation: DIY,Type: Motor,Suitable For: Microwave,Color: white,Model: WB26X10038,Set Includes: Microwave,Number of Items in Set: 1.
  • 【REPLACEMENT PART No.】WB26X10038,769741, AP2024962, PS237772,AH237772 ,EA237772.
  • 【FITS MODLE OR PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS】WB26X10038 Microwave Turntable Motor.SAVE TIME AND SAVE MONEY: Inexpensive way to fix or repair a microwave.
(New) SSM-16HR 6549W1S013A Microwave Turntable Motor for LG for Kenmore Replaces 6549W1S007G 2B72754E C2B72754E AP4650096 AH3529213 EA3529213 PS3529213 6549W1S013B 6549W2S002E by ENTERPARK
  • ☑️ Turntable motor 6549W1S013A rotates the glass tray inside the microwave oven
  • ☑️ Replaces 6549W1S007G 2B72754E C2B72754E AP4650096 AH3529213 EA3529213 PS3529213 6549W1S013B 6549W2S002E 1352886 4359155 1352890 6549W1S013K AP4650099 AH3529217 EA3529217 PS3529217
  • ☑️ If you have questions about the parts. Contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.
Twidec/Synchronous Turntable Motor Electric Motor 5-6RPM/MIN 50/60Hz 4W CCW/CW AC100~127V Synchron Motor for Cup Turner,Cuptisserie Rotator with 7mm Flexible Coupling TYC-50-5-6R-XLLB1PCS
  • Characteristics:The synchron motor has small power consumption and large torque which is convenient to use;The little motors are made of metal, rubber and plastic, running great, low noise and easy to install,It is a kind of common AC motor. you can run it non-stop for 24 hours
  • Applications: the synchronous motors are good tool for hand-made, school project; Suitable for home appliance, heater machine, electric fan, Christmas tree, air conditioner, massagers, dynamic visualizer, arts and crafts lighting, popcorn machine, etc.
  • Name: 6-foot black lamp power cord with Button Switch;Wire: The external PVC plastic, internal for the copper core,product specification: Full length of the cord is 6ft (1.8m)
  • Quick Connector Terminal,Quickly Connect or Disconnect Wires,Each pieces has 2 channels,No tools or splice crimps needed. Simply press on the tab to connect or release wire,easy to use ,internal for the copper core
  • Package includes:1Pcs x 5-6RPM Turnable synchronous motor+1Pcs x brass material 7mm length hexagon motor flexible coupling+2Pcs x Screws+1Pcs x Allen Wrench+1PCS X 6ft switch cord+1PCS X Quick connection anti-shock terminal block
GE WB26X10038 (SSM-16H MDPJ030AF) Microwave Turntable Motor OEM Replacement for GE & Frigidaire Replaces 5304408980 AP2024962 PS237772 769741 DE31-10172A AH237772 DE31-10172B
  • ◈ Authorized OEM Replacement Part No. WB26X10038 Microwave Turntable Motor made by OEM under KOREAN TECHNOLOGY / MAKE SURE this part No. WB26X10038 ( SSM-16H MDPJ030AF )
  • ◈ 21V AC 50/60Hz 2.5/3RPM 3.0W FREE CLASS F(155) Turntable Shaft length: 0.512 inches Synchronous Motor is exact same as Original Version / Replaces 5304408980 EA237772 ST-16f SM16F EX73SAAA3 AP2024962 PS237772 769741 DE31-10172A AH237772 DE31-10172B
  • ◈ MAKE SURE ! this fits your model number before choosing !!
  • ◈ Save your time and money by choosing our Ultra durable high-quality goods with better price and by replacing it easier.
  • ◈ First ! turn the power off & take a picture 😊 of & around your part for easier replacement, then replace it after putting on work gloves.

Microwave Turntable Motor Buying Guide:

Did your microwave turntable motor die? Well, luckily this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace the entire unit…unless you want to of course! But if you don’t, there are options to get a new microwave turntable motor that are inexpensive and usually do the trick so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new microwave.

Microwave turntable motors, while not completely necessary (not all microwaves have spinning table you know), do in fact help to cook your food more evenly than those that don’t have them. And they aren’t all that expensive to replace.

And there are a ton of places online that you can order from so you don’t even have to leave your house, before you know it the part will be on your way to your house and your microwave will be fixed!

There are many different microwave oven turntable motor replacement parts out there so be sure you choose the right one before you buy anything. You’ll need to know the make and model of your microwave and possibly even the year that your microwave was built.

A couple of Amazon products are available and cost less than $20. See the product images below to see if either of these will work for you, but don’t dismay if they don’t. There are a ton of other options out there, you just won’t find them on Amazon. You can do a simple search for your product model and name to locate some part stores online, an example would be to type in “sharp microwave turntable motor” or “ge microwave turntable motor”.


So before you go out there and buy a brand new microwave, do some simple searches and find a microwave turntable motor replacement part that will work for you. If your microwave is an older model though, it might be time to upgrade anyway. There are some pretty cool units out now and they don’t cost nearly as much as you think. You can get a new microwave for just over $50 (on upwards into the $200 range), and if you haven’t heard of it yet, you may want to consider a NuWave Oven.

Nuwave ovens are so cool! They cost a little bit more, but they are safer for you and the environment and they cook food fast. It uses safe infrared technology to cook food faster without generating high heat (that’s the nasty stuff normal microwaves trigger that can have ill health affects. It’s an awesome way to cook healthy foods in half the time.

Check it out if you are ready for something new.

Best Discounts on Microwave Turntable Motors