The 10 Best Discounts on Soaker Hoses 2021

Browse the 10 best discounts on soaker hoses designed and manufactured by trusted brands. All discounts updated in real-time and all soaker hoses, listed here, can be delivered to most popular international destinations.

Raindrip 015005T 1/4-Inch by 50-Feet Porous Soaker Tubing, x Foot, Black
  • Slowly waters the soil around your plants for complete root zone hydration; Ideal for short runs on flat surfaces, such as vegetable gardens, borders, and around small plants
  • Tubing outside diameter (OD) is 0.250 in., internal diameter (ID) is 0.170 in.; connects to ½ in., 5/8 in., or 0.710 in. supply line with ¼ in. micro fitting such as a barbed connector or Clamp N Pierce Connector
  • As part of a complete drip irrigation system, the soaker tubing seeps out water from the entire line, keeping soil moist; Flexible tubing bends to accommodate curved irrigation areas as well as straight runs
  • Porous non-pressure compensating material gently seeps water out of the entire line of tubing; Tubing can be cut to desired length
  • Comes with one 50 ft. coil of ¼ in. Soaker Tubing; Periodically check for leaks or damage; in cold climate areas, no need to winterize—the soaker tubing can be left in place or covered in soil or mulch, excess water will gradually seep out
Suneed Soaker Hose 7.5 FT 15 FT, Soaker Hose for Garden 30 FT 50 FT 75 FT, Short Garden Hose Heavy Duty Water Hoses for Soaker, Drip Hoses Save 70% Water (30 FT)
  • IDEAL HOSE FOR GARDEN - The Suneed garden soaker hose is a type of hose that is typically made out of recycled material. The hose is designed with small holes through the rubber, which allows water to get to the roots of the plants in your garden more quickly. This also protects the leaves of the plant and keep them from getting wet, which is ideal for more sensitive plants.
  • MULTI-SIZE TO CHOOSE – These soaker hoses not only come in 30-feet, 50-feet, 75-feet, but also 7.5-feet, 15-feet short hose. You could decide which one you prefer. More importantly, 7.5 ft and 15 ft short soaker hoses allow you to combined use more freely depending on the size of the garden and the distance between the plants.
  • SAVE UP WATER - The soaker hose uses up to 70% less water compared to standard sprinklers and old-fashioned flood irrigation. Application of drip irrigation technology, slow penetration of water in the soil, avoiding loss of nutrients, and favorable for uniform crops Absorption of nutrients and moisture, improving fertilizer efficiency.
  • HOSE FITTING TO EASY SET UP - You can screw the end of the soaker hose fittings into the end of either another hose or the exterior faucet on your house. These soaker hose fittings are easier to connect and disconnect. Then, the soaker hose will be easy to set up to start watering your lawn, garden, flower bed, ground cover or other landscaped areas.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - NOTE: If it's broken up or spray water seriously, please contact us to get a set of hose joints or a replacement. You will never have to worry about the quality of our soaker hose. Because we provide 10 years warranty for our customers. If your soaker hoses are broken in use, please contact us to get a replacement one or apply a refund. You will get our response within 24 hours.
Dramm 17061 Ring Soaker Hose, 5 Foot, Black
  • Great for young trees, shrubs, and raised bed gardens
  • Easily attach the hose clip to any part of the hose, tailoring the ring size to your plant
  • Thoroughly waters using 90% less water than conventional watering
  • 50% thicker wall elimates the "geyser effect" and ensures even water distribution throughout the entire length of the hose
  • Directs water to the root zone
FUNJEE PVC Flat Soaker Hose 1/2'', Drip Hoses, Saves 70% Water, For Garden/Vegetable (25FT, Green)
  • 🍀【Unique Design】 This soaker hose provides a reliable “strip” style watering pattern with small holes on the end of the hose. It can spray out multi-directional streams, which is suitable for watering lawns and gardens.
  • 🍀【Easily Water Different Areas】 The 25 feet hose is light in weight and easy to wrap. It can quickly and easy to aim at different areas.
  • 🍀【Efficient Water Consumption】 An average tap at about 200kPa, sprays about 2 to 3 meters high. The gentle and none stop spray will make every plant receive water.
  • 🍀【Lightweight & Flexible】 Featuring a lightweight and flexible construction. The hose is quick and easy to move, it can snake through the garden beds, and water curved shaped gardens.
  • 🍀【Package】 Including 1 green soaker hose(25FT), 1 flat fitting, 1 stainless steel case
1/2’’ Soaker Hose 10 Ft 15Ft, Soaker Hoses for Garden 100 Ft, Garden Soaker Hose 25 Ft 50 Ft Drip Hoses for Garden Drip Garden Hose Irrigation System (10 feet)
  • Permeable Material To Distribute Water - The soaker hose is made from a partially permeable material. The soaker hose will evenly distribute water over the entire length of the hose because of the nature of its make-up. When you turn on the water, it will slowly spray out water from the entire length of the soaker hose, not just from a straight line of holes. They rest on the ground around your garden, soaking the ground around them.
  • Two Methods for Soaker Hose Usage – There are two method to use the soaker hose. Placed on the surface of your soil, the soaker hoses deliver water steadily to your plants. The other way: by mulching the hoses, it stops them from being an eyesore in the garden, prevents stumbles, and helps to retain the moisture the hoses are giving.
  • Help Plants Growing While Save Water - Soaker hoses provide reliable water delivery at ground level, helping the foliage on your plants remain dry and free from fungal growth, while helping you conserve water. Then you will use less water to keep your plants growing and healthy, targeting only the base of your plants. Soaker hoses usually have a low up-front investment for the average home garden. They work well on timers to further conserve water.
  • Screw Fittings And Easy To Install - The soaker hose fittings are screw fittings. You can screw the end of the hose into the end of either another hose or the exterior faucet on your house. Installing a soaker hose is easy: simply hook up to the nearest faucet or rain barrel and snake around the plants you want watered.
  • Pressure And Length - Ideally, for this type of soaker hose, you are going to want the pressure to be about 10 PSI so that the water drips out of the hose slowly. If the pressure is too high, it will become a sprinkle. These soaker hoses come in 25 ft, 35 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft lengths, so decide which one you prefer. Anything longer than these lengths will decrease the water pressure or need higher water pressure.
Winisok Flat Garden Soaker Hose 100FT, Heavy Duty Double Layer Drip Hose - Save70% Water Flexible Watering Hose for Lawn, Garden Beds (50FTx2Pack)
  • 【Save Water& Save Time】Through the garden soaker hose, water can continuously reach the roots of plants and soil, avoiding water evaporation, and can save up to 70% of the water. Also mostly free up your time. Above the ground or beneath the leaves, as long as the water pressure is lower than 60 PSI, it can be used normally.
  • 【High-quality Materials】The soaker hose is made of the best-performing PVC material, and the PVC lining is covered with a strong fabric, so that water can better permeate from two sides of the fabric.
  • 【Easy to DIY】The 3/4" thread allows the soaker hose to be easily connected with the faucet and other hoses. By connecting soaker hoses , you can easily DIY your watering system.
  • 【Smart & Efficient Watering Method】100% Environmental friendly PVC flat soaker hose is durable and can consistent soaking throughout entire length of the hose season after season.
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】Our products are guaranteed for life, if you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will solve your problem within 24 hours.
Swan Products Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose 50' (50Ft, Green)
  • ✅ Easy to use and handle
  • ✅ This products adds a great value
  • ✅ This product is shipped from United states
Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose Flat (50’ Pack of 2) - Heavy Duty Double Layer Design - Saves 70% Water - Consistent Drip Throughout Hose - Leakproof Guarantee - Garden/Vegetable Safe
  • 2 Pack of 50 foot soaker hoses with heavy duty double layered design with PVC liner covered in extra strength fabric
  • Conserves 70% water by getting water directly to root and avoiding evaporation
  • 100% Environmental friendly weeper hose vinyl for vegetable gardens and plants
  • Consistent seep throughout entire length of hose
  • Lifetime Warranty - This flat soaker hose is made to last and we guarantee it
Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose - Heavy duty rubber - Saves 70% water - End cap included for additional hose connect - Great for gardens/flower beds - Reinforced fittings (50-Feet by 5/8-Inch)
  • Heavy duty recycled rubber soaker hose is made to last
  • Add length when needed - Quick attach reinforced fittings are included and make for easy connect of additional soaker hoses
  • Works great for gardens and flower beds
  • Saves up to 70% more water than traditional sprinkling systems
  • 7 Year Warranty - We guarantee our soaker hose for 7 years
Soaker Hose 150 FT for Garden beds Irrigation Save 70% Water Heavy Duty Rubber 1/2" Diameter Great for gardens/flower beds Accessories Contain Various Connections and Control Switches
  • Package Include: 1/2''in X150 ft Soaker Hose(with connectors),Clamps X4,3/4" plastic garden hose Shut off valve X 1,3/4" male hose end adapter X1,3/4" end cap * 2,3/4" Washer*2,5/8" end cap *4,5/8" Tee *2,5/8" Coupling*4,5/8" Elbow*2,5/8" barb X 3/4" femaleX1,5/8" barb X 3/4" maleX1,7.5" hose support stakes X10,zip tie
  • Water Saving:The sprinklers for yard slowly penetrates the area to be watered, making it ideal for agricultural irrigation in gardens, orchards, lawns, farms, etc. It can save up to 70% of water compared to traditional watering systems.
  • Save Materials:150 ft garden hose can be cut into various lengths such as 100FT,75FT, 50FT, 25FT, etc. on demand, just need to match the free accessories that come with it.
  • High Quality Hose:High quality and heavy duty garden suction hose made of 70% recycled rubber and 30% polyethylene, thick, durable, flexible and resistant to oxidation. No cracks to avoid leaks and water spraying out. Environmentally friendly and non-polluting.
  • 7 YEAR WARRANTY: Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we promise our customers a 7 year warranty. If your immersion hose is damaged in use, please contact us for a replacement or request a refund. We are happy to resolve the customer's problem within 24 hours. Note: Water pressure is typically 60psi or less. Higher water pressures may damage the hose.